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University Medical Centre, Greifswald (UMG)/ Neurorehabilitation research group (Head Prof. Dr. med. T. Platz)

Project management for the overall composite project:

  • Mrs. Stephanie Bobe

    Clinical Team:

    • Mrs. Ann Pedersen, Physician
    • Mr. Philipp Deutsch, M. Sc. Biology
    • Mrs. Carolin Goldmann, occupational therapist
    • Mrs. Stephanie Bobe. M. Sc. Health Care Management
    • Mr. cand. med. Andreas Müller, student assistant
    • Mr. cand. med. Jonathan Seidel, student assistant
    • Ms. cand. psych. Ann-Sophie Hensler, research assistant

    Tasks and research topics:

    An essential task of the head of the Neurorehabilitation research group at the UMG for the E-BRAiN research network is to coordinate and supervise the overall concept of the project. The project management for the entire network is organized by Mrs. Stephanie Bobe.

    The clinical team is engaged in a full range of research tasks that address clinical issues related to digital implementation of therapy procedures in neurorehabilitation, specific interaction in therapy, and clinical therapeutic effects when using a humanoid robot as a therapy assistant. These include:

    • Development of therapy manuals for the different forms of therapy, which will be transferred into a digital application.
    • Analysis of the particularities in the behavior of stroke patients and therapists in the individual selected forms of therapy depending on the individual neurological constellation of findings (degree of paresis, neglect, aphasia, cognitive disturbance).
    • Derivation of recommendations for the interaction of the humanoid robot in order to be able to react adequately to these "neurological interaction aspects" of the patients
    • Support the computer science partners in the implementation of both the therapy methods and the specifics of the interaction.
    • Evaluation of the clinical effects of the different therapy methods when using the humanoid robot compared to the conventional therapy organization.
    • Support the partners in psychology and health care management in their evaluations (quality of the therapeutic "relationship" on one hand and patient preference assessment when using the humanoid robot on the other hand).
    • Publication activity, preparation of an international final symposium.


    Universitätsmedizin Greifswald
    AG Neurorehabilitation – E-BRAIN
    Fleischmannstraße 44
    17475 Greifswald


    Telefon: 03834 86 6966
    Email: e-brainmed.uni-greifswaldde