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Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences / Chair of Health Economics and Medical Management (Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Axel Mühlbacher)


  • Mr Prof. Dr. Axel Mühlbacher (Head)
  • Ms Christin Juhnke, M.A.
  • Ms Ann-Kathrin Fischer, B.Sc.
  • Mr Andrew Sadler, M.Sc.
  • Ms Gina Sophie Labahn (research assistance)
  • Ms Yvonne Jordan (research assistance)
  • Mr Sven Westphal (research assistance)

Tasks and research content:

To act in the best interests of patients and ultimately increase the effectiveness and efficiency of therapies, patients' value judgments (preferences, predilections) must be taken into account in the planning, implementation, and management of new therapeutic approaches and in the decision-making process. Patient participation primarily pursues the goal of improving the quality of decision-making in health care.

In this subproject, the empirical investigation of the acceptance, preference measurement, and the subjective benefit assessment of a therapy with a humanoid robot for stroke survivors as well as the efficiency of the innovative form of treatment with a robot in comparison to conventional treatment is carried out. The individual tasks include:

  • Systematic literature review on the use of robots as well as possible barriers to innovation from the patient and user perspective
  • Preparation of interview guidelines for interviews with experts and patients to capture the preference-relevant attributes and their classifications
  • Derivation of the preference-relevant attributes and the associated levels
  • Creation of a questionnaire for a Discrete Choice Experiment
  • Collection, management, and analysis of patient data (statistical models and subgroup analysis)
  • Integration of clinical analysis data, patient preferences and costs for Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Calculation of a Price-Acceptance Curve based on an Efficient frontier


Hochschule Neubrandenburg
Fachbereich Gesundheit, Pflege und Management
Brodaer Str. 2
17033 Neubrandenburg


Telefon: 0395 5693 3301
Email: igm.hs-nbde